Zak Crawley is ruled out of the first two tests due to a Wrist Injury!


England batsman Zak Crawley has been ruled out of the first two tests in India after suffering a wrist injury the ECB said in its Official Statement on Thursday.

Zak Crawley slipped on a marble floor outside the dressing room during training ahead of the four match test series which is slated to start on Friday in Chennai. “Scan results have confirmed that Crawley has jarred his right wrist, which has sprained the joint and led to local inflammation,” the England and Wales Cricket Board said in a statement.

The England Medical team will continue to assess his progress over the next few weeks the official release added. “It’s really frustrating and frustrating for Zak in particular,” Joe Root, the England captain, told reporters.

Joe Root said that the team has taken precautions by putting towels down on the marble floor “It was a freak accident and hope it’s the last one.” Joe Root did not say who would play in place of Crawley. Zak Crawley has hit 267 for his Maiden Test Century against Pakistan at Southampton in August.


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