PCB CEO criticized Mohammed Hafeez for questioning Sharjeel Khan’s comeback!

PCB CEO criticized Mohammed Hafeez for questioning Sharjeel Khan’s comeback!
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PCB CEO and former cricketer Wasim Khan slams Mohammed Hafeez for questioning Sharjeel Khan’s comeback to cricket by saying that all the senior cricketers should be “focusing on his own game”, instead of taking a dig on fellow players or making false comments on Pakistan Cricket Board’s policies.

Sharjeel Khan was banned for two and a half years for spot fixing and now when he has completed his ban tenure Sharjeel is all set for a comeback in the game. Taking a dig on his comeback 39 year old Hafeez on Saturday criticized PCB’s decision to offer second chance to Sharjeel to play for the national Pakistan team. His questioning resulted in a debate on the PCB’s policy which allowed banned players back in the team after completion of their ban tenure.

Following Hafeez’s questioning, PCB’s CEO Wasim Khan slams him by saying, “Cyrrent players should not go on social media to criticize and judge other players or comment about what policies the Pakistan cricket board should or shouldn’t have”.

He further added, “Players can have their own opinions about word cricket and cricket in general but they can’t comment about the rights and wrongs of any player and the policies of the board, they should leave all these decisions to the cricket board to answer”.

On finding guilty, Sharjeel was termed with a five year ban for his role in the 2017 Pakistan Super League corruption scandal but the cricket board decided to suspend his ban tenure following an apology letter in August 2019 and clearing his way to return back to cricket. Sharjeel was also a part of Karachi Kings in this year PSL.

Some years back, Hafeez also questioned the return of Mohammed Amir to the Pakistan Squad by tweeting on his twitter account, “Shouldn’t we set standards of dignity and pride higher than any other ‘Extra Talent’ to represent Pakistan. Just Asking.”

Commenting on the criticizing comments of Hafeez, PCB CEO Wasim said the current Pakistani player should focus on his game instead of talking about “right and wrong” of other players.

Wasim further said that he will speak to Hafeez about his comments and he should not further comment on any other player or cricket board policies as no other player in the world does that so why should Pakistani players do that?

He quoted, “I don’t think they have any space to do that and I don’t think they should be doing that. That’s my personal view, my view is, he should focus on his own game, focus on the cricketing opinion he can give but don’t give personal opinion about other players.”

Also on Friday, the PCB had issued a legal notice to test batsman Umar Akmal for breaching the anti-corruption code by not reporting approaches to spot-fix.

Pakistan Cricket Board should take up some strict measures to ensure that players adhere to the norms and rules listed by International Cricket Council.