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Rules to Play Cricket: 10 Basic Rules of Cricket You Need to Know

Rules to Play Cricket: 10 Basic Rules of Cricket You Need to Know

Cricket is not just a sport its an emotion, religion & happiness for people leaving in India. A plethora of young people wakes up with the dream of wearing the Indian team jersey & playing for team India. However, only a few of them who have the potential & skills to represent the country at the International level could make their career in Cricket. However, along with skills you also need to know the rules to play cricket if you want to groom yourself into a full-fledged specialized cricketer. So to help you to understand the game of cricket & its rules more deeply we have come up with this intriguing write-up, let’s have a look at each one of them:

Rules to Play Cricket: A Must Know for Beginners

1) Essentials for Playing Cricket:

The game of cricket revolves around these crucial four components- ball, bat, wickets & pitch. Without these four components, cricket cannot be played at any cost. The knowledge of these pieces of equipment will help you to understand the rules to play cricket more easily.

2) Two teams of 11 Players:

Cricket is played between two teams comprising 11 players each. The 11 players comprise batters, bowlers & one wicketkeeper. One team will bat & score runs while the other will bowl & restrict them from scoring big. The main goal in cricket is to score as many runs as possible against the opponent & the team scoring more runs wins the match. The match begins with the Captains of both teams tossing a coin & the winner of the toss decides which team will bat & field first.

3) Match is played on a circular or oval shaped Ground only:

In cricket, a fixture is played on an oval-shaped field comprising a rectangular pitch in the center of the pitch. At both ends of the rectangular pitch, a wicket is installed which is made up of three stumps with two bails placed on top of it.

4) Every Fixture is Made up of Innings:

When you are learning the rules to play cricket it is essential to understand more about innings. Each & every fixture in the game of cricket consists of periods or time intervals knowns as innings. Ideally, a cricket fixture consists of two innings. These innings are made up of a certain number of overs or an amount of time. An ODI (One Day fixture) has 50 overs per innings while a T20I fixture consists of 20 overs per innings. On the other hand, a Test match is played across five days with two innings with 90 overs being played on each day.

5) Bowlers are entitled to bowl a Complete Over:

Six balls constitute an over & a bowler is entitled to bowl a complete over. After a bowler delivers six balls to a batter, the next member of the fielding team can come to take the charge & bowl the next over. One of the important rules to play cricket is that a bowler cannot leave the field in the middle of his over unless & until he is injured or suspended.

6) 11 Players of the Fielding Team & 2 Players of the Batting team on the Pitch:

To understand the rules to play cricket understanding the role of players on-field is crucial. During innings, two players of the batting team who will score runs are allowed on the pitch while all the 11 players of the fielding team will be present on the field. Out of these 11 players, one will bowl deliveries to batters while the rest of the 10 players will play the role of fielders. The bowler will aim to dismiss the batter by hitting the wicket with the ball while one of the fielders known as the wicket-keeper will be stationed behind the wicket to catch the ball if the batter fails to hit the ball. Notably, a bowler is entitled to bowl a complete over consisting of six balls.

The batter’s aim here is to hit the ball before it hit the wicket. He can go for single runs or go for boundaries as per the delivery. The role of the fielders is to prevent the batter from scoring maximum runs by doing effective fielding.

7) Different Techniques used by Fielding team to dismiss a Batter:

If you want to understand the rules to play cricket its crucial to broaden your knowledge about the different ways in which a batter can be dismissed:

  1. Caught: A fielder or wicket-keeper can dismiss a batter by catching a delivery hit by the batter within the boundary limits.
  2. Bowled: When a bowler’s delivery directly hits the stumps & dislodges the wicket it is termed as bowled.
  3. LBW: A batter is termed out if a delivery that would have hit the wicket gets diverted due to the batter’s leg or any part of the body.
  4. Stumped: Here the wicket-keeper catches the ball & knocks the bails when a batter or his bat is out of the batting crease.
  5. Run-Out: If a batter is running between wickets & fails to reach the batting crease before the ball hits the wicket then it is termed as run-out.

8) Different ways in which a batting team scores runs:

The batting team has the task of scoring mammoth runs to turn the fixture in their favor. Let’s have a look at the different ways in which batters scores runs to understand the rules to play cricket more efficiently.

  1. Singles: Here the batter hits the ball & both the batters run between wickets & reach the other end before the fielders hit any one of the wickets with the ball. Running a full length of the pitch once will award a batter with one run.
  2. Boundaries & Sixes: When a batter hits a ball to the boundary along the ground it is a boundary & when a batter hits a ball over the boundary to the stands it’s six runs.
  3. Extra Runs: These Runs are awarded to the batting team if a bowler bowls a wide delivery or no ball.

9) Two on-field Umpires & Third Umpire

In understanding the rules to play cricket knowing & valuing the role of an umpire is crucial. A Cricket fixture will have two on-field umpires who takes crucial decisions about fixtures or in other words, officiates a fixture. Both the umpires stand at two ends of the wicket & will take decisions on the number of balls bowled in overs, whether a batter should be dismissed after an appeal & whether a delivery bowled is a no-ball or not. If on-field umpires have confusion over a decision then the third umpire (DRS) comes into the picture. The third umpire will monitor that particular delivery closely through replays & slow-motion techniques & then gives his final decision. A DRS appeal can be made by the fielding captain or the batter who is batting.

10) Winning the Fixture

The team batting first will aim to score maximum runs while the fielding team will try to bundle them at a meager score by taking all the 11 wickets. After the completion of one inning, both teams will swap & the second team will take up batting. Their goal will be to chase the target set by the first team. If they succeed in chasing the target they win & if they fail they lose the game. Ultimately the team scoring the most runs wins the fixture.

Now that you have understood the Rules to Play cricket it’s time for you to make your team of 11, take the crease & begin your game with lots of enthusiasm!

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Rules to Play Cricket: 10 Basic Rules of Cricket You Need to Know
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