Sachin gave ‘Paranthe Challenge’ to Yuvraj in reply to his ‘Keep It Up’ Challenge!

Sachin gave 'Paranthe Challenge' to Yuvraj in reply to his 'Keep It Up' Challenge!

Sachin Tendulkar in reply to Yuvraj Singh’s ‘Keep It Up’ Challenge asked him to make “Paranthe” for him with the rolling pin instead of bouncing the ball in the kitchen.

Tendulkar took the ‘Keep it Up’ Challenge started by Yuvraj to another level by asking the Former India all-rounder to cook delicious ‘Paranthe’ for him. On Sunday, Yuvraj posted a video on Instagram where he was seen bouncing a tennis ball off a rolling pin & challenged legendary cricketer Tendulkar to do the same without breaking anything in the kitchen. Instead of doing the same thing, Sachin did something more hilarious by posting a video on Instagram & asking Yuvraj to make “Paranthe” for him with the rolling pin instead of bouncing the ball.

“Yuvi paranthe kithe hai?” Tendulkar captioned the video on Instagram with a Face Savoring Food emoji. “Yuvi, you have replied well of my challenge with a rolling pin in the kitchen. You make good paranthe with a rolling pin. Look, I have an empty plate, pickle, and curd. Make nice paranthe for me,” Tendulkar can be heard saying in the video.

Earlier Yuvraj challenged Tedulkar to break his record of 100 in the kitchen. “Master you have broken so many records on the field!! time to break my record of 100 in the kitchen! Sorry I couldn’t post full video cause it will be too long to count 100 paji back to you hope you don’t break other things in the kitchen @sachintendulkar,” Yuvraj Singh captioned the video on Instagram.

Yuvraj started the trend of “Keep it Up” challenge among the cricketers by first posting his video on Instagram where he was seen bouncing the ball on the side of his bat. By doing so he nominated Tendulkar, Rohit Sharma & Harbhajan Singh to take up the challenge.

Master Blaster accepted his challenge & added a big twist to it by bouncing the ball repeatedly off his bat with a blindfold on and rechallenged Yuvraj to do the challenge in the same way. Yuvraj was left with no words after watching Tendulkar’s style of ‘Keep it Up’ Challenge & admitted that he has challenged the wrong legend. He replied to Sachin’s post & said that he might need a week to complete this task.

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