Shoaib Akhtar slams ICC for trolling him said,”throwing neutrality out of the window!”

Shoaib Akhtar slams ICC for trolling him said,"throwing neutrality out of the window!"

Former Pakistan bowler Shoaib Akhtar slammed ICC for its tweet, where the top cricket body trolled him for his comments on Australia’s star batsman Steve Smith.

Shoaib Akhtar blamed the ICC for throwing, “neutrality out of the window”. The 44-year-old former pacer angrily replied to ICC’s attempt to troll him and wrote, “A symbolic tweet, how ICC has thrown neutrality out of the window. This is how the state of affairs are run there J”.

Akhtar also in reply to ICC trolling attempt has posted a video of himself bowling with sheer pace and troubling batsmen and asked the ICC to find a new emoji or meme to troll him. “Dear @ICC find a new emoji or meme. Sorry, I couldn’t find any but found only some real videos”, Shoaib Akhtar further tweeted.

Earlier the ICC had posted a series of images to subtly troll Akhtar after the former Pakistan pacer in his tweet said that even now he can get Steve Smith out on his fourth delivery after “three hurting bouncers”.

The 44-year-old former pacer has garnered the reputation of making controversial statements on his YouTube Channel or on Social Media. Earlier Akhtar’s suggestion for an India-Pakistan charity match to raise funds for the fight against Coronavirus Pandemic was turned down by former Indian Players.

Pakil Dev in response to Akhtar’s suggestion said that it is not worth risking the lives for a cricket match. Recently Akhtar’s comments on PCB has got him into legal trouble as PCB’s legal counsel lodged a defamation case against the former pacer.

Shoiab Akhtar while criticizing Umar Akmal’s 3-year ban called the PCB’s legal advisor Tafazzul Rizvi as inept & incapable. On Wednesday, Shoiab Akhtar replied to the defamation notice sent to him by the Cricket board’s legal counsel Tafazzul Rizvi by calling it “legally defective, merit-less, and misconceived”.