Trolling Session is ‘On’ between Virat Kohli & Kevin Pietersen!

Trolling Session is 'On' between Virat Kohli & Kevin Pietersen!

Recently Virat Kohli has posted his picture on Instagram which was like by his fans but Pietersen decided to hilariously troll India Captain by commenting on his post which didn’t go well with Virat Kohli who hit back with a witty reply.

Former England Captain Kevin Pietersen decided to troll India Captain on his look & commented “Shave your beard off”. However Kevin’s trolling remark didn’t go well with Indian Skipper who hit back with a witty reply “@kp24 better than your TikTok videos”. The Instagram trolling session between Kohli & Pietersen made fans frenzy.

This is not the first time when the cricketers engaged in a social media banter. Earlier Kohli decided to stylize his beard & shared a video on Instagram by explaining what he did while Pietersen came up with a hilarious teasing comment for India’s Captain.

“Does it get rid of your grey there buddy?” Pietersen commented on the video, by referring to the grey strands in his beard that is quite prominent from the last few years.

Kohli shared the video saying that during Quarantine it is very important to do things that “make you feel good while we’re all indoors, it’s extremely important to do stuff that makes you feel good. Staying well-groomed is one of the things that keeps me in the zone. So I thought of trimming my beard at home and giving myself this new look,” he captioned the video while challenging his fans to trim their beards at home.

Kohli & Pietersen earlier also engaged in a candid conversation on an Instagram Live session where they spoke about the IPL & his career ups & downs as well as the ongoing lockdown which is enforced to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.